Why Bone Broth?

Why Bone Broth?

Some of you may be keenly aware of both bone and its benefits and others have heard of it but aren't really sure what it is. BONE BROTH HEALS YOUR GUT! And incidentally, your gut rules your body and your brain. That's right...When your intestines work properly you absorb all vitamins and nutrients properly and you expel waste promptly thereafter on a regular schedule. Trouble is that happens rarely for people... then what?


  • depression, anxiety, hopeless thoughts
  • autism, Tourettes, ADD
  • reduced immunity to colds and flu
  • weight loss impossible
  • constipation
  • bloating and gas
  • diarrhea, bleeding
  • inflammation, arthritis
  • allergies
  • insomnia
  • dry, brittle skin and nails 
  • eventually bone density loss, osteoarthritis, back pain, and dementia or Alzheimer's 


When food doesn't transport properly from start to finish you may get inflammation. When you have inflammation the intestine expands and thus becomes permeable to allowing bacteria to move in and out of the bloodstream. This bacteria hits us everywhere, including our brain! Seratonin, the thyroid and all of our hormones!  The beauty of bone broth is that it is food!  If you are paying for it, it is otherwise food you would have eaten! Yay! I am writing this as a person that has experienced a great deal of discomfort and pain all of my life and now has a child (teenager!) that had extreme symptoms. I had her on a gluten-free diet from the age of 6 (which is no treat for either parent or child) and I discovered bone broth when she was 10.  Symptoms vanished. Literally.  To call this a miracle is an understatement.  I will tell her story in another blog but it is definitely with her consent.

In health and wellness, Patricia

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