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Stock and Broth Cleanse Instructions

Congratulations on investing in your health!

2 Day Cleanse  is a package of 6 soups, Classic Chicken, Asian Chicken, Egg Drop, Roasted Veg, Roasted Garlic, and Super Green all made with our wonderful broth and fresh veggies/herbs. Thaw all 6 soups prior to starting.
You consume 1/2 tub of soup each day in 6 small meals, and eat nothing else. There is no particular order but it is a good idea to start with a protein one like Egg Drop or at breakfast to keep your blood sugar up and boost your metabolism. 
Some soups are smooth (blended) and others chunky so save the hearty ones for when you are most hungry.

The cleanse gives your system a rest and all the nourishment you need, proteins, veggies, healthy fats, vitamins, collagen, to repair and reset your metabolism. People report weight loss and less tummy bloating.
You will not be hungry or tired and can keep up with your normal activities.

The Four Day Cleanse adds in a Beef Stew, Tuscan Harvest Vegetable and Italian Wedding Meatball Soup plus 2 Bone Broths.

1. Follow above instructions for day 1 and 2.

2. For day 3 and 4 you are to prepare one small meal on each day (lunch OR dinner). The meals must be small and MUST contain: a protein, fat, vegetable. For example;  a small green salad with added chicken, avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Oil dressing or coconut oil, or a stir fry with veggies, meats, coconut oil or cauliflower rice.  Shepherds pie made with cauliflower mashed ‘potatoes’, steak and salad, yum!  Surf and turf! 

 Natural cultured veggies like sauerkrauts and kimchi and pickles are all good and can be added to soups and broths for a flavor and probiotic boost! Have the broth at any time.  Google low carb meals for ideas.

Be sure to drink water and have clear tea, coffee, herbal teas, green teas etc. 

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